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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Jan 2018Winter Vacation
2Tuesday02 Jan 2018Winter Vacation
3Wednesday03 Jan 2018School Reopen after winter vacation
4Saturday06 Jan 2018Wall Magzine
5Monday08 Jan 2018Elocution
6Thursday11 Jan 2018Quiz on Current Affairs
7Saturday13 Jan 2018SST and GK Quiz
8Monday15 Jan 2018Mime
9Monday15 Jan 2018Mime
10Thursday18 Jan 2018National Symbol Making
11Friday19 Jan 2018Hindi Handwriting compt
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday02 Feb 2018Story Telling
2Friday09 Feb 2018G.K Quiz
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday08 Apr 2017Solo Bhajan and Shbad
2Thursday20 Apr 2017Wall Magzine
3Friday21 Apr 2017Paper Reading
4Saturday22 Apr 2017Diary Quiz
5Saturday22 Apr 2017Hindi Play on Patriotism
6Saturday22 Apr 2017Extempore
7Thursday27 Apr 2017Poster Making
8Friday28 Apr 2017Clay Modelling
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 May 2017Introductory Speech by Sr.Principal
2Monday01 May 2017Draw and Colour Various Tool
3Monday01 May 2017Bulletin Board
4Tuesday02 May 2017Quiz on Mother Seraphina
5Wednesday03 May 2017Drawing Competition
6Wednesday03 May 2017Potrait Colouring-Mother Seraphina
7Thursday04 May 2017Collage Making
8Thursday04 May 2017Diary Quiz
9Friday05 May 2017Play on Mother Seraphina
10Friday05 May 2017Poetry Recitation(Mother Seraphina)
11Saturday06 May 2017English Poetry Recitation Competition
12Thursday11 May 2017Best Out of Waste
13Friday12 May 2017Simple Race
14Saturday13 May 2017Hindi Hasya Kavita Path
15Saturday13 May 2017Hindi extempore
16Saturday13 May 2017Hindi extempore
17Thursday18 May 2017Fabric Painting
18Friday19 May 2017Hindi Recitation
19Saturday20 May 2017Dance and Dressing up of Clown
20Monday22 May 2017LKG to VIII Summer Vacations
21Saturday27 May 2017IX & X Summer Vacations Start
22Saturday27 May 2017IX & X Summer Vacations Start
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday06 Jul 2017Essay on how you spent your holiday
2Saturday08 Jul 2017Putting up charts for Wall Magazine
3Saturday08 Jul 2017Punjabi Declamation
4Thursday13 Jul 2017Mental Ability
5Friday14 Jul 2017Race:Grtting Ready for School
6Saturday15 Jul 2017Painting Competition
7Saturday15 Jul 2017Dance to the Tune
8Thursday20 Jul 2017Collage Making
9Friday21 Jul 2017Magic Painting/Tear and Paste
10Saturday22 Jul 2017Language Quiz
11Thursday27 Jul 2017Button Tucking
12Friday28 Jul 2017Fancy Dress
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday03 Aug 2017Rakhi Making
2Friday04 Aug 2017Colouring of National Flag
3Saturday05 Aug 2017Patriotic Song Comp
4Thursday10 Aug 2017File cover Making
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday02 Sep 2017Rangoli Competition
2Thursday07 Sep 2017Clay Modelling
3Friday08 Sep 2017Dance to the Tune Cimp
4Saturday09 Sep 2017Hindi Declamation
5Saturday09 Sep 2017Acting on an Advertisement
6Thursday14 Sep 2017Cursive Handwriting
7Friday15 Sep 2017English Recitation
8Saturday16 Sep 2017Debate
9Saturday16 Sep 2017Making Decorative Items
10Thursday21 Sep 2017Artifical Flower Making
11Thursday21 Sep 2017Artifical Flower Making
12Friday22 Sep 2017Hop Race
13Saturday23 Sep 2017Compute and S.Sci Quiz
14Saturday23 Sep 2017Math and Sci Quiz
15Thursday28 Sep 2017Calligraphy
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday05 Oct 2017Place Card Making on Road Safety
2Friday06 Oct 2017Portrait Colouring(Mother Mary)
3Saturday07 Oct 2017Story Enactment
4Saturday07 Oct 2017Fresh Flower Arrangement
5Saturday14 Oct 2017English Declamation
6Thursday19 Oct 2017Wall Magzine
7Saturday21 Oct 2017Fancy Dress Competition
8Friday27 Oct 2017Elocution Theme
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday02 Nov 2017Collage on Women achievers of India
2Friday03 Nov 2017Shabad Gyan
3Thursday09 Nov 2017Cross Stich
4Friday10 Nov 2017Paper Folding
5Saturday11 Nov 2017Hindi Poetry Recitation
6Saturday11 Nov 2017Fete
7Friday17 Nov 2017Frog Race
8Saturday18 Nov 2017Cooking Without Fire
9Thursday23 Nov 2017Proverb Writing
10Saturday25 Nov 2017Language Quiz
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday18 Dec 2017Christmas Collage Making
2Monday18 Dec 2017Carol Singing Competition
3Thursday21 Dec 2017Tableau(Christmas)
4Friday22 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
5Saturday23 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
6Saturday23 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
7Sunday24 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
8Monday25 Dec 2017Christmas
9Tuesday26 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
10Wednesday27 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
11Thursday28 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
12Friday29 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
13Saturday30 Dec 2017Winter Vacation
14Sunday31 Dec 2017Winter Vacation