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Album Title: 71st Independence Day!
Event Date : 15th Aug, 2017
Created Date : 15th Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 137
Description: Wish You Happy Independence...
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Album Title: Anti Begging Campaign
Event Date : 12th Aug, 2017
Created Date : 12th Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 85
Description: Today, It was an Anti Begging Campaign...
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Album Title: Patriotic Song Competition!
Event Date : 5th Aug, 2017
Created Date : 5th Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 41
Description: There was a Patriotic Song Competition...
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Album Title: Punjabi Declamation...
Event Date : 19th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 19th Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 13
Description: There was Punjabi Declamation...
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Album Title: Dance Competition
Event Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 33
Description: Dance is a beautiful expression of every...
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Album Title: Dance to the tune Competition
Event Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 53
Description: There was Dance to the tune competition...
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Album Title: Welcome of Sr Vice Principal...
Event Date : 5th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 5th Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 12
Description: Welcome back Fatimans.We began the...
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Album Title: Yoga
Event Date : 27th May, 2017
Created Date : 27th May, 2017
Total Photos : 22
Description: Today Class IXth and Xth students...
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Album Title: Science Workshop
Event Date : 22nd May, 2017
Created Date : 22nd May, 2017
Total Photos : 7
Description: Today was the concluding day for science...
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Album Title: Farewell of Sr Lily
Event Date : 20th May, 2017
Created Date : 20th May, 2017
Total Photos : 108
Description: There was cultural program to bid...
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Album Title: Dressing and Dancing of Clown
Event Date : 19th May, 2017
Created Date : 19th May, 2017
Total Photos : 53
Description: Today we had dressing and dancing of...
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Album Title: Hindi Hasya Kavita Competition
Event Date : 16th May, 2017
Created Date : 16th May, 2017
Total Photos : 14
Description: In Hindi hasya kavita competition...
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